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Our purpose and passion is to serve the missions community by providing exceptional services and resources to churches and their missionaries, to world missions organizations, and to missions professors at Christian schools.  We do this by working in collaboration with other missions entities and especially with Missions Resource Network.  Click here to learn more about the collaborative spirit between these two ministries.

Perhaps you have wondered why some churches have thriving, God-pleasing international mission efforts, while those of other congregations seem rather stale, uninteresting and poorly supported.
Research and personal experience with missions committees nationwide have surfaced several competencies local churches must develop to better steward the mission of God.  Are those competencies available in your congregation and, if so, to what extent?
We use an instrument to help you measure your church’s performance in those critical competencies.  We complement the results from the instrument with on-site interviews resulting in a written and oral report to help you chart a course toward having a blue-ribbon missions program that fits your congregation and brings glory to God. 
We also have experience in evaluating international mission works on-site. 


The journey is not completed by simply measuring your church’s present status or by describing the kind of missions program you hope to someday see at your church.  That is why we also provide two levels of consultations:

  • An initial telephone consultation at no cost to you.
  • On-site consultations, generally focused around one or more of the seminars listed below.
  • These on-site seminars will help you develop the kind of best practices that will increase the faithfulness and effectiveness of your congregation’s missions efforts. 
To learn more about these seminars, click on the "Seminars" tab on the Navigation Bar above.

Our downloadable resources are available free of charge.

Downloadable Resources:

For additional resources, click on the "Resources" tab on the Navigation Bar above.